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Reiki is a gentle complementary therapy which may be used for personal healing and for the assistance of healing in others. It is important to note that it is not intended as a replacement for orthodox medical advice or treatment. Reiki offers an opportunity for the body to relax into its natural state of balance in order to restore and repair.

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Counselling or talking therapy, is conducted by a trained therapist, skilled in listening and can help you find ways to cope with emotional issues. They won't give you advice, but encourage you to understand and process your thoughts and feelings in order to find your own solutions. Sessions are on a one to one basis and completely confidential.

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Here at HeartRei Therapies we are happy to provide Reiki from the beautiful setting of Yoga House in Llanelli. Sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs, providing support and assistance to those living across Carmarthenshire. Our aim is to continue to grow as a Beacon of Excellence in the field of supported healing at a time when existing services are stretched beyond capacity.

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